Introducing: The Challenge Process

The challenge process

Effective immediately, any company who wants to challenge Labdoor’s data for their products will be provided that opportunity. Here are the rules:

  1. Each Company is permitted one Challenge per Product owned by this Company.
  2. This Challenge will initiate a Retest of this Product at an independent FDA-registered analytical laboratory.
  3. A new Sample of the Product will be tested in triplicate*. The results from these three tests will be averaged to form the new, final Data for this Product.
  4. The results of this Retest will be final and Labdoor’s Grades and Rankings will be updated to reflect the new Data.
  5. If the Challenge results in a correction that increases the Product’s overall Grade, Labdoor will be responsible for the retesting costs. If the challenge results in a correction that decreases or maintains the Product’s overall grade, then the Company will be responsible for the retesting costs.
  6. By initiating a Challenge, the Company commits to be bound to the above rules.

Note: If the Challenge results in an increase to this Product’s Grade, Labdoor will also restore the Company’s one Challenge for this Product.

This Challenge process will go into effect immediately.

As you may have noticed, this system is inspired by the Coaches’ Challenge process attached to the NFL’s Instant Replay Review.

Replication studies are also considered a best practice for verifying scientific findings. It is a major reason why we aim to retest products on a yearly basis. Each time we single out a product to retest outside of this schedule however, it expends resources that would have otherwise been used to test new products. This Challenge process is our attempt to implement an efficient and fair way to prioritize this kind of work.

If you are a company and want to initiate a Challenge for one of your products, please email us here.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about our Challenge system, please let us know. We’re @labdoor on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or you can email us here.

*If deemed necessary and mutually agreed upon.