Labdoor Amazon Certification Program for Dietary Supplement Sellers

Labdoor Amazon Certification Program

New Amazon policy requires all dietary supplement products to be certified for quality

The new Labdoor Amazon Certification Program aims to help Dietary Supplement sellers on

Labdoor, with its enterprise arm, launched the new “Labdoor Amazon Certification Program” (site) to help dietary supplement brands and manufacturers comply with the new set of policies released by Amazon in December of 2020.

In response to increasing pressure from consumers and advocacy groups, Amazon, one of the biggest supplement retailers in the US, has taken concrete actions to bring more transparency and legitimacy to the dietary supplement industry.

Beginning in February 2021, the giant marketplace will require all dietary supplement products sold on its website to be certified by an independent third-party lab. This Certification of Analysis (CoA) must be provided by an FDA and ISO 17025 accredited lab and must show clear information about each product’s accuracy and safety.

What we see here is just the beginning of a much-needed change in how supplements are made, regulated, and sold in the US. It’s about time that retailers are worried about the quality of the products they sell. Since the FDA doesn’t regulate the supplement industry, it’s our job to inform consumers if what they are buying is real and, above all, safe.

Rafael Ferreira, co-founder and CEO of Labdoor.

The Labdoor Amazon Certification Program is a one-stop-shop for all supplement manufacturers that sell or are planning to sell on Amazon. The goal is to make it seamless for companies to have their whole line of products tested, certified, and in full compliance with the new Amazon rules.

We have been building a certification, transparency, and quality control system for almost a decade now. Labdoor is today a cutting-edge tech company fully capable of handling thousands of product testings and certifications requests from all over the world.

Helton Souza, co-founder and chief technology officer at Labdoor.

About Labdoor

Labdoor, with headquarters in San Francisco, was founded in 2012 and is backed by YCombinator, Floodgate, Mark Cuban, Rock Health, and others. Labdoor recently formed a partnership with Anresco Laboratories, an FDA and ISO 17025 accredited lab, with more than 75 years of chemical analysis experience.


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