Why LabDoor?

LabDoor analyzes products

To understand the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of LabDoor’s products, you must first learn why we first became obsessed with simplifying the world of product safety.

It all started when I watched my parents come home from a doctor’s appointment with a new prescription. After years of taking Pfizer’s Lipitor, they had both been prescribed Ranbaxy’s generic equivalent.

My father, a Ph.D. chemist, pulled out every book, article, and online review he could find on the two products. 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry helped him make the right choice – after hours of intense research.

Why did he tackle this problem himself? How can LabDoor make this process easier for everyone else making the same decisions? What is the perfect product to solve this huge challenge?

Why: Be safe. Be certain. My dad was choosing an important medicine for my mom and himself, a pill that will be a daily part of the rest of their lives. Just like him, you want to know you’re making the right call.

How: Find the best product research and safety data. Wouldn’t it be perfect if we all had scientists and doctors as spouses, friends, or neighbors, ready to answer our every question? Luckily, the friendly team of scientific and technical experts at LabDoor have you covered.

What: Choose a product that is safe, effective, and affordable. We make decisions like this every day – whether it’s reviewing your daily multivitamin or deciding which prescription to fill. You want to make a smart decision faster. LabDoor provides this through our report cards for top supplements.

Every LabDoor employee is here to build a little peace of mind for someone special. For me, it’s my parents, whom I adore. For others, it’s their wife, brother, daughter, friend, or even a stranger.

When we put in a sleepless night at the lab or in the office, we’re working to make sure each LabDoor user sleeps a little better. We invite you to share our passion, join our journey, and sign up for our exciting new product at LabDoor.com!


  • Header Image: e-Magine Art (Flickr)