Two Steroids Found in a B-Complex Product

B-Complex Product

The FDA has stepped in to issue a major health warning against ‘Healthy Life Chemistry By Purity First B-50’ after receiving 29 adverse events reports ranging from fatigue and cramping to masculization in females and impotence in males:

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers that they should not use or purchase Healthy Life Chemistry By Purity First B-50, marketed as a vitamin B dietary supplement. A preliminary FDA laboratory analysis indicated that the product contains two potentially harmful anabolic steroids—methasterone, a controlled substance, and dimethazine. These ingredients are not listed in the label and should not be in a dietary supplement.”See Full FDA Statement

These two steroid products can both cause serious, harmful effects in males and females. Methasterone is a banned ingredient on the World Anti-Doping Administration list, and dimethazine is a prohormone that is being carefully watched by regulatory bodies due to its usage as a ‘designer steroid’.

Making this announcement even more shocking is the extent to which Purity First brands itself as selling the “purest”, highest quality” supplement products.

We’ve heard this story before. These outcomes will continue to surface until a trusted, transparent brand gets big enough to scare away the fakes and frauds looking for a quick profit in the supplement industry.

Today, LabDoor ordered over 300 new assays on top protein supplements. We will continue to test products each week in new supplement categories, searching for contaminated products, inaccurate labels, and false claims.

Please let us know what products you would like to see tested next!

  • Header Image: Marco Repola