Bulk vs. Brand Supplements

Bulk vs. Brand Supplements

While many people take supplements, most do not know that supplements can be bought in bulk. What are the differences between bulk supplements and brand supplements? And which is the healthier option?

Here is the comparison of the nutritional labels of two protein isolate supplements, one in bulk and one as a brand. This chart compares them by concentration (comparisons weren’t made on a per serving basis because the supplements had different serving recommendations.)

Bulk vs. Brand Supplements chart

Below is a comparison of a two Vitamin D3’s, with one being a bulk supplement and the other a brand supplement. Since Vitamin D3 is the only ingredient in these supplements, price was compared per 100,000 IU.

According to a basic analysis of the product’s Supplement Facts labels, almost all ingredients were present in similar or identical quantities. The largest difference was in price, with the brand supplement costing significantly more than the bulk supplement. While saving money can be a great benefit for those choosing to buy bulk supplements, there are also advantages to buying brand supplements. Below’s our summary of advantages for both:

Bulk vs. Brand Supplements chart 2


  • Header Image: Stacy Spensley (Flickr)
  • Co-author: Shoua Kue